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Global Strategy

Finding the global oportunities for your products

We start with a holistic view of
your expansion

In our opinion, it is much more efficient and less stressful to have a team to help you scale your business globally. 

Usually, companies have few local sales people, and in good cases they also have an Export Manager; for a company to grow, we believe it needs to build partnerships constantly, locally and globally, with potential distributors, resellers, manufacturers, retailers and business associations.

How we find Global Oportunities?

Take the guesswork out of your global expansion

It all starts with a plan

Our analysts will make a personalized report with the global opportunities you have:

  • Complete summary of import-export opportunities
  • Global analysis, but with a focus on specific countries
  • List with the markets with the greatest potential for you
  • List with the number of business leads we found
  • Specific recommandations we have for your company to enter in the new markets (to-do list)
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